De’ Emilia Concept 


The brand concept of De’ Emilia Concept is derived from precious and flawless emeralds. Its natural and unique cut surface reflects gleaming light, showing the human pursuit of aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship.


The brand uses the shape and refracting strips of emeralds to design a symbol that represents the De’ Emilia Concept.  At the same time, the jewelry craftsmanship and aesthetic spirit are passed on to the design of handbags and leather goods, and it has evolved into a fashionable De’ Emilia Concept handbag brand.


The brand has always been committed to the pursuit of high quality and innovative research and design spirit, combining traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic trends, and also using jewelry cutting and tailoring into their product design, becoming an affordable luxury brand that fully demonstrates the elegant intellectual beauty of women.  De’ Emilia Concept evokes emeralds in women's hearts, creates a fashionable and enchanted life for women, carries perfect dreams for every woman, and embarks on a journey of self-confidence and beauty.